Aviation Fuel

Phillips 66 Wings


Concord-Padgett Regional Airport provides Phillips 66 Aviation fuels. Phillips provides the highest quality aviation fuels including Phillips 66 Aviation Avgas and Jet Fuel.

Phillips has been voted several times as the "Best Fuel Brand" and their jet fuel pricing is similar to non-blended pricing of other fuel brands. In addition, Phillips brings a well respected credit card program and a generous credit card rewards program.



The Concord-Padgett Regional Airport offers volume discounts on fuel purchases increasing our customer's savings on aviation fuel purchases.

The following table shows the volume discounts available on Avgas purchases.

Fuel Gallons Purchased Volume Discount
30 - 50 gallons $.10 per gallon
51 - 100 gallons $.15 per gallon
101 - 150 gallons $.20 per gallon
151 and over $.25 per gallon



For Jet A fuel purchases, the table below lists the current volume discounts. Customers can also receive volume pricing discounts when you purchase contract fuel through the World Fuel Services network.  For every gallon purchased, customers can earn points towards free gifts when you enroll in our World Fuel Rewards program. 

Contract fuel for Military aircraft is available through the World Fuel Services network when using a Government Air Card.

World Fuel Services

Fuel Gallons Purchased Volume Discount
300 - 600 gallons $.15 per gallon
601 - 999 gallons $.20 per gallon
1000 - 1500 gallons $.25 per gallon
1501 and over $.30 per gallon



In appreciation of our based aircraft customers, we offer a based customer fuel discount of $.15 per gallon. Based customers get the better of either the volume discount or the based discount, whichever is higher. Based discount would be applied to based customer's first gallon of fuel purchased and up.

For questions about additional information on the volume discount program or contract pricing, please speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives in the FBO terminal lobby or call them at (704) 920-5901.

AirNavWe also participate in AirNav's AIRBOSS Discount Program.